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Karl Kesel

KARL KESEL loves his job far more than he has any right to. He has written, inked, and occasionally penciled: Superman, Superboy, Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, Suicide Squad, Fantastic Four, Captain America and many others— although he has an inexplicable fondness for obscure characters no one else remembers. He is thrilled and somewhat stunned to be working on SECTION ZERO with Tom Grummett once again. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wonderful wife Myrna, their joyful son Isaac, cute-as-a-bug daughter Eliza and exuberant corgi Sprocket. He really can’t complain about much.

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Tom Grummett

TOM GRUMMETT has drawn a lotta comics over the years, and is amazed that he continues to do so. He's drawn the adventures of Superman, the Hulk, Robin, Thor, the Teen Titans, the Fantastic Four, Superboy, Iron Man, and a bunch of other characters he's too lazy to list. His favorite project in all the world is SECTION ZERO. He lives in the wilds of Canada, where he battles mosquitoes in the summer, and wendigo all winter. He loves his family, and does his best to keep them warm.

The colorful, cosmopolitan Ben Dimagmaliw

Ben Dimagmaliw

BEN DIMAGMALIW has had the privilege of coloring some of the industry's top artists, from Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.s, While Portacio's Wetworks, Jeff Scott Campbell's Danger Girl, Dan Norton's Black Ops, to StormWatch, Deathblow, and the Marvel/Wildstorm crossover, to name a few. The highlight of his career is his association with Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a partnership which continues to this day. However, Tom Grummet and Karl Kesel's SECTION ZERO holds a special place in his heart as well.
He lives in Tokyo, Japan, working as a translator and writer for the Japanese film industry. His passion for independent Japanese movies has culminated in the creation of an online magazine featuring interviews with Japanese filmmakers called Indievisual.

Official FB and Instagram: @indievisualhq

Jeremy Colwell

Jeremy Colwell

JEREMY COLWELL is a colorist who has worked on books like Batman/TMNT and Wonder Woman: Rebirth for DC, Trekker and Underground for Dark Horse, and a slew of books at IDW and Top Cow. He lives in Camas, WA with his wife, two sons and three cats. They all support him—except the cats (they love to keep him from working). He still can’t believe this is the stuff he gets to do for a living.