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Karl Kesel & David Hahn's GRIN & GRITTY Superhero!


Keeping the (IMPOSSIBLE) Dream Alive


We recently ran a Kickstarter for IMPOSSIBLE JONES. It quickly became obvious, however, that we were not going to make our funding, so the campaign was cancelled. (You can still look over the entire campaign at, however.) We are now retooling for a relaunch in early 2019, at which point we will Kickstart the IMPOSSIBLE JONES Graphic Novel— a high-end hardcover produced at the same larger size and with the same quality and attention to detail that has made the SECTION ZERO book such a success.

Until then: keep your eyes peeled for a series of IMP-PRINTS— limited edition prints that have Imp crossing paths with other creator-owned Kickstarter comics characters!

You can’t stop a gal like IMPOSSIBLE JONES. And we wouldn’t want to.

Get ready. The fun’s just beginning.