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Karl Kesel & David Hahn's GRIN & GRITTY Superhero!


IMPOSSIBLE Kickstarter Starts October 9th!


HEY! Welcome to the IMPOSSIBLE JONES Kickstarter placeholder page! Starting October 9, 2018 will take you directly to the Impossible Jones Kickstarter campaign, but since you're here now

You must be intrigued, interested, or otherwise inquisitive about Impossible Jones. Very smart of you. For all the very latest Impossible info, just sign up for the mailing list below. (scroll down, please. it's not far. really.)

Now, lately we haven't been on top of the mailing list like we should— but that's going to change. Promise. You'll get updates, insights, even some cool exclusive content. Hard to believe? maybe. but remember: this campaign's all about making the impossible possible.


Countdown to Kickstarter!