SECTION ZERO: Cast & Characters

Doctor Titania Challenger

Doc Challenger

Brilliant scientist, Olympic-level athlete, the cool and aloof Doctor Titania "Tina" Challenger comes from the famous family of English adventurers that stretches back to the irascible Professor George Edward Challenger. Can easily make a bomb using a few simple, household materials— usually emerges from her lab with complex contraptions capable of almost anything. In 2000 she was the leader of SECTION ZERO— working with surprising ease alongside her ex-husband Sam Wildman— when she disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Sam Wildman

Sam Wildman

Soldier of Fortune, professional vagabond, troubleshooter, trouble maker. Weapon of choice: mystic samurai sword. Former lead guitar in the punk band Fort Charles, played frequently at NYC’s CBGB’s in the 80s. Disappeared amid conflicting rumors of drugs, religious cults, and possibly trying to outwit the Devil himself. Only admits to being saved by Tina Challenger, by all accounts the love of his life. Divorced shortly after they were married. Drifted until recruited by SECTION ZERO. There’s a haunted look in his eyes, as if some essential part of him is missing. As if his heart was torn out.

Teenager + cursed tattoo =24-Hour Bug.

The 24-Hour Bug

Looking for a way to fit in and be perceived as cool, teenaged Thom Talesi decided to get a tattoo. Unfortunately, he ended up with a cursed tattoo that, when rubbed, changes him into a bug-headed being with four insectoid legs for exactly 24 hours. Taken in by SECTION ZERO in 2000, the group has become his family and entire purpose in life. A life-long geek, he has extensive knowledge of the strange and unknown, as well as comic-books, Star Trek, and Plants Vs. Zombies. He knows nothing about sports.



Part Creature (from the Black Lagoon), part Thing (from the Fantastic Four), the brooding, super-strong Sargasso is the only known resident in the graveyard of lost ships— the legendary Sargasso Sea. There have been whispered, wary tales of this denizen of the deep ever since mankind first braved the cold, uncaring Atlantic ocean. Most famous is the story of Carlos Irons— AKA the 18th century pirate Red Hand— obsessively hunting down the creature, leading his men into the dead waters of the Sargasso Sea… never to be seen again. The creature has a long and often uneasy relationship with SECTION ZERO.

The enigmatic Tesla.


A classic "Gray" alien, the amnesiac and near-death entity was found, nursed back to health, and named by A.J. Keeler. As a result, Tesla is deeply attached to and fiercely protective of the Fortean investigator. Displaying telekinesis, intangibility and some psychic abilities, the full extent of the entity's powers are unknown. He pilots a flying saucer that was built by SECTION ZERO based on what was recovered from the famous Roswell crash. Child-like in many ways, normally happy and content, Tesla is also capable of raw bursts of destructive— even murderous— rage. Just below the surface there is a sadness to Tesla, a loneliness and longing to find others of his kind.